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Bottle Cap Magnet Packs

Bottle Cap Magnet Packs

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Upcycled Painted Bottlecap's Turned Into Fridge Magnets. These Are Collected By Locals & Donated By Bars To Prevent Them From Being Tossed. 

Each Pack Includes 5 Botllecap's From the category of your choice.

Snack Pack - Pizza's, Pretzel's (w or without the cheese), Burgers, Tacos, And Cookies 

Breakfast Pack- Donut's, Eggy's, Strawberries, Blueberries, Orange Slices, Pancakes, And Coffee Cups 

Space Pack- Earth, Planet's, Shooting Star's, And UFO's

Nature Pack- Mushroom's, Flower's, Rainbow's, Snail's, Valley's, And Landscapes 

'By Mason'- A Category Dedicated To My Little Brother's Bottle Cap Creation's Which Are Mostly Swirl Painted He Calls "Swirl Galaxies"

Unpainted - I Have Limited Amounts Of Each Type Of Beverage Cap So If You're Looking For A Specific Kind Please Include At Least 2 & Know I May Not Be Able To Fulfill All 5 

Random- These Will Be Completely Random, If You Are Looking For A Specific Mix Please Also Choose Ransom & Include Specifics In The Order Notes 



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