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HI! My name is Aubrey and I am the creator of Straubreys shop. Ever since I was little I've had an extreme passion for art and thrifting. My goal with Straubreys is to spread love & empowerment all while reducing waste. 85% of our clothing etc. in the U.S. end up in landfills or burned. Together we can bring down this number by buying preloved and donating to the right places. I so much look forward to having you apart of this journey with me :)


height 5'6 B33 1/2" W27" H34"

Meet The Models

My Amazing Model Team & Their All About's - Measurements Listed Below!

'Miss Mae'

Alyiah Mae

Hi everyone that was lucky enough to find their way to Straubrey’s Shop! I’m Alyiah Mae, one of many models that have been helping to display all the precious finds Aubrey has discovered, reworked & now looking for its new home. I have worked for Luck Grove Telecom. Since 2021 as a fielding technician, compliance specialist & a telecommunications design engineer. But when I’m off the clock there I enjoy spending time at Straubreys shoots; smiling for the camera or helping to ensure the little details pop. Often times I have my younger sister, Angelyna tag along which has been a delight watching her confidence blossom as a talented, beautiful young lady. I can not thank Aubrey enough for all the amazing memories & opportunities.

Height 5'1 B33" W29 1/2" H34"



Hey i’m Angelyna, another model on the Straubrey's runway. Im currently a junior at Westhill highschool. Im a Scorpio & my favorite color is Black. I spend majority of my spare time hunting for crystals, practicing makeup looks, sketching in my design journal & curating the perfect playlists. I would love to eventually pursue a degree and a career in fashion & design. Being in photo shoots, as well as bringing an idea to life on set has helped me discover that fashion, styling, and modeling is a path i enjoy exponentially. It increases my confidence on and off camera. As I grow older I have realized the importance of networking & I really appreciate the connections I've made through working with straubreys shop as i am actively looking for work. I love spending my time with Straubrey and the team ! Thank you for stopping by the shop, we hope you enjoy all it has to offer !

Height 5'4 B32" W27" H36"



Hi! I’m Gianna or you can call me G. Ive been a preschool teacher for the past 2 years & love it. Childcare is definitely the career path that is for me! The Kids bring me so much joy and its my favorite part of my day ! When I'm not working or modeling, you can usually find me in the kitchen making my famous cut out Sugar cookies or cheesecake. if you cant find me there, Im most likely shopping or on my way to one of my favorite tropical destinations; Jamaica, Dominican Republic & soon enough Morocco! Big Thank you to Aubrey for giving me this opportunity to be there for her and her business journey, the photo shoots have been such a fun experience and Im so grateful to be apart of them. I never would’ve started modeling if she never offered me the the chance and to that I’m thankful. Thank you for your support shopping at Straubrey’s Shop hope you found what you’re looking for!

Height 5'2 B46" W27" H47 1/2"

"Mar Mar"


Hey you gorgeous people ; My names Amarion, but you can call me Mar Mar. I am a Virgo & just one of the few models who are tirelessly devoted to straubrey shop! I currently work as a manager at a small restaurant, and I’m going back to school to become a nurse. But whenever Aubrey calls, I’m there! I love working with her and all the other models to showcase what wonderful items straubrey has for you. Behind the scenes, or in front of the camera, straubrey brings a smile to my face and I’m beyond grateful for the new people I have met and the new experiences I have collected! Thank you for stopping by & shopping Straubreys !!

Height 6'2 B53" W49" H60"



Hello, My name is Keu’Juen or Q for short. I am one of the many charming models for Straubreys shop and I am very happy to help display the work Aubrey has put into their products! I’m an aspiring film director that has been making short films for a couple years using people I know personally and props I either find or make myself! In my free time you can typically find me reading books, writing, going to hardcore shows, or trying new things as inspiration for my films. This is the first business I have ever modeled for and I am ever so grateful to Aubrey for giving me this unique experience and I can’t say enough how amazing her work is! The photo shoots are a ton of fun and have given me a love for brooding at the camera in ways I never would have known otherwise. Thank you for stopping by the shop and I can’t wait for you all to see what it has to offer!

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